Jose Ramirez

Amigos For Kids - Broken Crayons

Abused children often hide subconscious clues of their situations in classroom drawings. Unfortunately, many of these signs are discovered too late.

To shed light on this, we opened an exhibit in the heart of Miami Art Week, where unsuspecting visitors were exposed to art with a hidden twist.

Our exhibit ran in Wynwood for 5 days, and saw nearly 1,000 art goers pass through. 

BrokenCrayonsArtboard 1 copy 8.jpg
BrokenCrayonsArtboard 1 copy 6.jpg
BrokenCrayonsArtboard 1.jpg
BrokenCrayonsArtboard 1 copy 7.jpg

For those who could not attend the exhibition, a virtual gallery was created, and hosted at

The site featured an outline of signs to look out for in drawings, as well as questions to ask if the signs are noticed.

CCO: Milton Lebron ACD: Michael De Jesus Copywriter: Jeff Schermer at Republica  Director: Will Mazzola Audio: Lucas Duque, Diego Grimblat