Dead Signal

World Health Organization

Fentanyl is a highly toxic and addictive opioid. Shady dealers are cutting it into other street drugs without telling buyers, and it's killing them. Inform young people of the dangers of Fentanyl to decrease overdoses.

Young Glory Professional Bronze

How do you keep people at risk away from a deadly drug? You meet them where drug experimentation runs rampant: at music festivals.

And how do you make the threat of death seem real to people who feel invincible? You murder something near and dear to them: their smartphones.

The World Health Organization will partner with major network providers. Together, they'll shock crowds of thousands at a time.

By geotargeting people at major music festivals, the telecom providers will temporarily shut off cell and data services.

They'll use the Emergency Alert System to blame the dead signal on a ruthless killer: Fentanyl.

Festival attendees will then receive texts from their service providers, warning them of the danger and leading them to a mobile site. As these texts are sent out, service will be reactivated.

Let's keep all the party animals alive.

Copywriter: Evan Miguel