Jose Ramirez

Pixar Street View

Pixar Street View

Year: 2019

From relevant inside jokes, to hidden references to other films, Pixar has turned the practice of planting Easter Eggs in films into an art form.

So when it came time to capture Toy Story Land, a Disney Park based on Pixar’s most beloved franchise, for Google Street View, we brought Pixar’s iconic tradition to an entirely new medium.

Google Street View traffic in Toy Story Land since we planted the easter eggs


Some of the easters you might find…

-       A guest posed as Sid, the main antagonist from the first Toy Story film.

-       A sports jersey bearing the name “McQueen” and the number “95”, in reference to Lightning McQueen, protagonist from the Cars franchise.

-       A guest playing Miguel’s guitar, a major piece from the film Coco.

-       A toy version of the Pizza Planet truck, which appears in each Pixar film. 

-       A shirt featuring the Buy n Large logo, a fictional brand spanning across the Pixar films

-       “A113”, a hidden sequence appearing in each and every Pixar film.

-       A pair of guests holding umbrellas in reference to the Pixar Short, “The Blue Umbrella”

-       A backpack draped with a luggage tag featuring Nemo


From a Yellow Shoes write up to plant them throughout the land


Super Carlin Brothers, biggest Easter Eggs found them online and made this video without any type of compensation.

GCD: Patrick H. Tom Copywriter: Jeff Schermer, Jose Ramirez Art Director: Jose Ramirez, Jeff Schermer Producers: Jeremiah Daws, Dan Avola Account: Sarah Benedict